About this blog

What is this blog about?

This blog was an idea in my head after I kept struggling with very niche parts of coding my discord bot, I would have to end up researching for hours because there was little information on these topics or too much to sift through.

I wanted to make a blog that would detail these topics in a digestible amount of information and show a method to overcome them, and correct some common misinformation I would frequently see in discords and programming forums.

Is it just discord bots?

No, I do lots of different types of coding, but working on my discord bot is the most complicated and widely used system I’ve ever created, so there was plenty of hurdles which took me to learning many new topics such as using Virtual Private Servers (VPS), learning how to set up webhooks, learning to deploy apps with WSGI and learning more about how the Linux system works to allow my services to have near 100% uptime.

Admittedly there was a lot of hacks involved in this, I started making ways to receive webhook data with no webhook by connecting integration services to discord, meaning I didn’t have to pay for a web server nor a database and could still receive data instantly. This was a hack that took a lot of figuring out, but ended up being in use for months, I shared this hack and it’s still used by many other discord bots to this day including the biggest productivity bot in discord.

So this blog is about programming hacks?

Some of it yes, but the occasional hack to make code do something isn’t bad, some hacks can even be refined to the point where they are accepted as the best way to do something. That being said I don’t want this to become my personal stack overflow like spotlight, I want to gradually go into more detail and help people understand the concept, rather than just a site that’s known for copying code.

I also intend to post about projects and interesting things that I encounter when programming, and provoke people’s curiosity to learn more.

Aonan Comhad